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It's been a while...
Sabtu, 20 September 2014 • 1:31 PG • 0 Post a comment!

Hi! Sorry for neglecting you guys recently. I've been very busy with my exams. Urgh. Exams are just so annoying. Well, who does not feel annoyed with exams. But I'm not going to talk about exams in this entry. I'm going to tell you guys of a person who inspired me the most ! 

She is just so 'perfect' ((yeah I know nobody's perfect. But she's just too perfect for me)) I can't remember how I discovered her. But that's not important. She's too pretty, fabulous, amazing, perfect, stunning, gorgeous ! ! ! 


She just made her Youtube account and I hope that she will post more videos ! An OOTD videos maybe (?) Because I'd love to see that! I just can't look at her outfits. It's so damn pretty and hipster ! Wouldn't it be such a heaven to wear pretty clothes like that? Gosh, I can't wait for this End Year holiday so that I can fly to my hometown and shop as many as I can! But there's still four more months to go... Ugh such a long time.

This is just a short entry because I'm lacking of ideas now guyss! See you on the next entry beautypies!


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